Africa Calls for a Return to Basics, Pan-Africanism •

Olaudah Equiano was an abolitionist living in Britain during the 18th century

AFRICANGLOBE – There was a time when talking about Pan-Africanism had become so old and retrogressive.

This was a time when everybody was becoming Eurocentric; when Afrocentrism was, just as was the case with everything African, shunned upon.

Everybody wanted a piece of Europe and to get one, they had to surrender a piece of their Africaness.

But the decision by many African leaders at the recent AU 50th anniversary celebration in Addis Ababa appears to be taking the continent back to the four-way crossing for a new beginning.

One thing is very certain – it is not going to be easy going for Africa to change direction now, especially after tying herself up into all the trade and debt knots.

While almost every sensible leader can now talk with a straight face about the importance of adding value to Africa’s material resources, those who have been dependent on the continent will not take this lightly.

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